Since 1992, the german computer science company Schröder Informatik from Karlsruhe offers IT services. The focus is management of projects, creation of systems analysis and concepts, process analysis and design and implementation of applications.

To better understand and describe requirements of complex software systems, it is neccessary to devide all functions that the planed system will contain into a structure. The result is a function tree with main features, functions and sub-functions. At the level of sub-functions its much easier to get a description that satisfies our demands: it must be clear, concise and valid.

For a data-driven application, the information structure analysis is essential. At the end of the design phase, all entities and their relations must be known and described exactly.

Almost every application concept requires a detailed knowledge of the processes that are to be mapped by the planed application. Frequently, the opportunity is used for a change of the inspected process itself. So beside implementing the new application the process will be improved if neccessary.

Particular attention must be paid to the description of use cases. Only when these have been described from the perspective of different roles, it can be considered during the design phase, wether the planed system will be suitable to support the use cases in a valid manner.